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Removing the complexity from crypto tax preparation

Price Feed

Automated price lookups for every cryptocurrency and digital asset that we support. Continually rolling out support for new assets and currencies every week. We also provide you with custom price entry for niche assets like digital art.

Instant Calculations

Your long and short term capital gains are automatically calculated after every new entry, giving you an accurate picture of how each transaction impacts your overall tax plan. See how transactions in one year impact the next.

Set your mind at ease with accurate tax reports for your crypto investments

Take the complexity out of filing taxes for your crypto assets. Enter past activity to see your overall gain or loss and use CryptoTaxTools to make smart decisions about future purchases or sales.

Special Transaction Types

Support for income, spending, deposits, and lost amounts. Just enter your transaction or trade details, and we'll handle the rest.

Flexible & Powerful

See how your gain or loss changes with small tweaks to your calculation method or entries.

Forward Looking

Use CryptoTaxTools to see how potential trades and crypto activity will impact your tax outcome.

World-Class Support

Have questions about a specific transaction? Need clarification about how your report should be filed? We are here to guide you through every step of the process to file an accurate return with all supporting attachments.

Tax Pro Review

Sometimes you want a tax professional to consult with to get answers to complicated questions that are specific to your scenario. We can connect you with experienced professionals to maximize the amount of money saved on your tax return.

About the Founders

Evan and Mike founded CryptoTaxTools in 2018. Prior to CryptoTaxTools, Evan worked at large financial institutions, consulted for federal government clients, and most recently built wealth management software to help people achieve their financial goals. Michael has a wide range of experience in complex federal IT services delivery, cloud infrastructure and blockchain instruction. Mike is also the founder of Black Men Code.

Evan Botello
Michael Street, Ph.D.